About us

UNITRADE ENTERPRISES INC. (DOS ID 2984994) is a corporation registered with the State Department of New York (NYSDOS). The company's opening date is December 4, 2003. The COMPANY's CEO is Leonid Krepker. The company began its practical activities in December 2003. Back in 2003, UNITrade assembled a group of young and promising guys led by Leonid Krepker. We were united by one goal and common interests. Every young guy or novice trader in the world certainly dreams of getting into the elite of stock trading, on the well-known street of Wall Street, but not us...

Our goal was and still is, to become better than them, more experienced, more successful and we are every day, every minute, to this goal. In August 2019, the company enters the global marketplace of stock players. Now, we can express ourselves with pride, with confidence, with the results that we have blooded and then achieved these long 16 years. With the receipt of licenses for the opportunity to trade on the European and World Exchanges, we are seven-mile steps closer to our goal, to compete with the wolves of Wall Street. But victory is not enough, you need to take the top, hold on and withstand the onslaught. We are on the verge of changing the concept of stock trading in general, we will reveal to you the truth that traders from Wall Street hide.

We will show, tell and teach - the exchange is not terrible, the exchange is safe. On average, the world trades 1.2 billion people. Do you think that number could be wrong? As of June 2018, the turnover of funds traded on the stock exchange has grown to $84 trillion. and that's a small part of what lies ahead with UNITrade. Opportunities don't come by yourself - you create them, and we help them realize!

- 16 years of practice
- 217 working-state workers
- more than a dozen million successful deals
- thousands of satisfied, and most importantly permanent, investors in the U.S.
- company capitalization is $65 000 000 million

Leonid N. Krepker

Leonid Krepker's career in corporate finance and banking spans more than 30 years, starting with the Canadian Imperial Commercial Bank in Seattle, before moving to Toronto and Atlanta. He moved to Credit Suisse in Atlanta, then became regional manager and eventually Managing Director of Corporate Banking at Credit Suisse - New York, where he was responsible for corporate banking groups at the investment bank. Prior to the creation of UNITRADE ENTERPRISES, he worked at Deutsche Bank in New York for the CLO project for the mid-market, which focused on financing private equity operations, especially in acquisitions.

Mr. Krekker's main disciplines during his banking career were business development, transaction structuring, acquisition financing, corporate advice and customer relations development in a wide range of industries, including health, transport, natural resources, financial institutions and project finance. He also has extensive experience working with High Net Worth private banks for Forbes 400 clients and, as a result, private transactions.

Mr. Krepker has worked with firms ranging from start-ups from scratch to Fortune 50 clients across the U.S., and includes a significant C-level assessment for all clients where his experience is highly valued. Mr. Krepker is a graduate of Ohio State University and holds bachelor's and master's degrees in political science. He lives in New York City and has two adult daughters.

UniTrade development plans

December 4, 2003

Registration of UNITRADE ENTERPRISES INC CEO - Leonid Krekker

January 2004

The UNITrade team consists of 25 people. 11 licensed traders, 2 accountants, 5 stock analysts, 2 lawyers, 1 economist, two programmers, two office administrators.

March 2004

First net profit was $43,000, company turnover riched $75,000,000

2004 -2019

This time period, the company has been on a thorny path along the Development. Increased staffing, increased capitalization, to obtain licenses required. In view of the great competition, we increased the turnover of quality and stability, which allowed us, after 16 years, to obtain the necessary licenses to work with individuals, to acquire a professional staff of the best employees in this field. And now, we are ready to open a new chapter of history with you. Be a part of the great, create and create!

August 2019

Opening an international site. A license to work with individuals around the world has been obtained. With the support of the global financial regulator, overseeing the exchange activities of the SEC.