The bounty program is designed for those who love active work and their activities.

The UNITRADE ENTERPRISES INC. company appreciates people who actively help in development and therefore introduces a reward for additional advertising!

Now, advertising has become not only pleasant, but also profitable.

How it works? *

When you repost links, post screenshots of profit, shoot videos related to the company, design beautiful posts on social networks, all this should be paid for, as this is the company's work and help in advertising.

How can i make money? **

0, 05 $
Publish screenshot with receipt of payment
0, 50 $
Making advertising posts on social networks
1, 00 $
Youtube subscription, like and comment for video
5 - 500 $
Publication of copyright video about the company
Publications can be made an unlimited number of times, they must be in different social networks and instant messengers.

I did everything, how can I get a reward?

After you have published an advertising post, you need to take a screenshot and provide a link to the post.

If this is a group in the messenger, then a link to the group for verification. Send your login to the company, a screenshot and data in the technical support telegrams, which is located below.

The review period is 1 day. After the post is moderated, you will be credited with the balance of money that you can invest.

* aprerequisite of the Bounty program is to have an active deposit in the company.

** resources received with the Bounty program can be used to open / reinvest portfolios in the company