13.01.2020 Closed Beta Test of UNITrade Trading Robot

Today at 12 (GMT-5) the first test launch of the trading robot, developed by UNiTrade Enterprises, will take place. Tests of the robot will take place on the most volatile trading pairs, in order to understand what nuances still need refinement and analysis when setting up this robot.

During the test, the robot will open a “Long” transaction to take profits of 1-2%. The total budget for the test is 250’000 US dollars. Closed beta test will run until 01.17.2020. According to the results of the robot’s bidding, for the full trading week, the clients will be provided with a full report in a compressed form.

The UNiTrade trading robot will give everyone the opportunity to “feel” a real exchange and get that excitement, adrenaline and of course the profit that traders get. Trading is not a job and not a way to generate income, it is a lifestyle.

Sincerely, UNiTrade Enterprises Team!