18.03.2020 Futures contracts

In connection with the global financial world crisis and the epidemic of Coronavirus, the company connects futures contracts for cryptocurrency for the use of customers.

The sale of the contract will take place directly, i.e. exchange -> customer. The company will help you arrange, buy or sell a contract.

How it works? You buy a futures contract for 1 bitcoin (market value ~ $ 5000), the contract includes the selling price after a certain period, for example: you want to sell your contract and get 100% profit, after 3 months. Upon the expiration of the contract, the exchange is obligated to redeem it, in accordance with the prescribed conditions.

The contract can be sold ahead of schedule, at any site convenient for you, but it must be borne in mind that speculative prices are already going on there, in order to earn the acquiring side.

The contract can only be bought in cryptocurrency and the profit received will also be taken into account in cryptocurrency. Contracts will help wait out the financial crisis and increase your assets, regardless of the dollar exchange rate.

UNiTrade does not charge any fees for the purchase, maintenance and sale of a contract. Due to the great misfortune that has come into our world, we do not have the moral right to make money on it.

After the purchase, an electronic futures contract will be sent to your mail. In order for it to be drawn up correctly, you need to fill in all the fields with personal data in the cabinet settings.

Purchase and execution of a futures contract is available in your personal account, the tab – “Futures”.

For more information, contact technical support or email us.

Sincerely, UNiTrade Enterprises Team!