04.04.2020 New UNITrade Enterprises work mode

Due to the tightening of quarantine worldwide, UNiTrade is forced to close offices in New York and London. The entire staff goes to remote mode. According to the fact that the offices will be closed, the company introduces technical voice support for customers and company managers for feedback. Managers and technical support communicate in all languages ​​that are available on the company’s website. April 7 in the contacts section, there will be a function “call me back”. After filling in the required fields, within 30 minutes, a technical support operator will contact you. In the personal account, the “Personal Manager” function will appear, after filling in the necessary fields, the company manager will contact you for further consultations on working with the company.

The “Start” tariff plan will be completely removed. From April 6, it will not be available for investment. This is due to the current market situation and the situation in the world as a whole. Unfortunately, the market dictates its own rules and the company does not currently have sufficient staff to support the target audience of “Start” tariff plans

All current deposits will work out according to the terms of their acquisition.

The company’s management, asks everyone to observe quarantine, not to leave home unnecessarily. We, in our turn, will provide you with comfortable work without visiting offices and expedite feedback with the company to resolve any issues. We wish you good health and every success.

Sincerely, UNiTrade Enterprises Team!