25.02.2020 Real estate investment

In anticipation of the summer season, the company is developing and introducing an alternative investment opportunity. Everyone who is familiar with exchange trading knows that in the summer, the exchange falls into a kind of symbiosis until the end of August and the beginning of September. Given this, analysts and managers of the company submitted for consideration an investment program related to real estate in the USA and Europe.

This program will include: In anticipation of the summer season, the purchase of real estate in resort towns, followed by leasing and receiving dividends, the redemption of private and commercial real estate in the United States from auctions, for their subsequent sale and profit.

The expected total return on these investments will be 25-35% per month, which will allow the company to diversify its risks during the summer exchange symbiosis. Now and subsequently, this area will work to increase the company’s capitalization and strengthen in the international financial arena. In early March 2020, an investment program will be available for the company’s customers. Clients will be given the opportunity to invest both in small shares and become full-fledged property owners.

Lawyers at UNiTrade Enterprises will help you complete all the relevant documents and permissions. For additional information about buying property from auctions in the USA and Europe, contact the technical support of the company.

What you need to know for a property buyer in the USA:
– prices from 2 100 to 17 700 dollars / m²
– paperwork for 30−45 days
– loans from 3% per annum for up to 15 years
– maintenance costs from 1 to 4% of the value of the object per year
– residence permit for investments from 500,000 dollars.
– program for attracting foreign investors EB-5

Sincerely, UNiTrade Enterprises Team!