Terms of use

From the moment you signed up and started participating in uniTrade Enterprises INC, you confirm that you have fully read, understood, agree and accept the following user agreement, and commit to it Observe.

General provisions

  1. This User Agreement (further Agreement) regulates the order and conditions of service provided by the site https://unitrade.enterprises/ named further by the text Of the Promoter, and is addressed to the individual wishing to accept participate and receive the services of the said site (more Member).
  2. According to this User Agreement, the Investor’s Office of Regulations must be active, and the login must be at least once every 30 days. Otherwise, the Cabinet will be removed from the project along with the contribution.
  3. To begin receiving services, the Member clearly, fully and unconditionally accepts all the terms of this Agreement, and if you do not agree to any condition of the agreement, the Promoter invites you to refuse to participate in this project and to use its services. More than $75,000 is prohibited in accounts. In the case when the limit is exceeded the system will automatically zero the accounts and transfer the money to the balance of the system.
  4. The Organizer and the Participant recognize the order and form of this Agreement as tantamount to a written agreement.
  5. The client confirms that the final decision to participate in the company’s investment program was made independently, guided by his own beliefs.
  6. The client provides investment funds only voluntarily.
  7. The client provides only his own money in the form of investment funds.

2. Customer agrees to the following terms

  1. Any activity related to online investment and exchange transactions cannot be absolutely without a risky type of business.
  2. All mentions, opinions, articles and general content of the Site are not direct investment recommendations or a call to invest.
  3. Any actions of the Client on the Site are the result of the client’s goodwill and are carried out by him (client) on a voluntary basis and at his own discretion.
  4. Non-compliance, non-compliance, free interpretation or ignoring these Terms may result in suspension of services, blocking of a personal account without prior warning.
  5. The client uses the Site solely for personal purposes and does not pursue any other, including illegal goals, using the Site as a means to achieve them.

The company provides the following opportunities for the Customer

  1. Create a personal account using the resources of the Company’s investment system, of which the Site is an integral part.
  2. Invest using a personal account function.
  3. Make a profit from your investments in accordance with our investment proposals.
  4. Take action aimed at forming a partner structure, using a unique affiliate link and promotional materials.
  5. Receive maximum assistance from the Company in matters of investment and in other directly related to the investment process.

4. Customers are prohibited from taking actions that may harm the company or the functionality of the site

  1. Create more than one personal account for any purpose.
  2. To use VPN or proxy services in order to hide current location, as well as transfer login information from the account to third parties.​
  3. Trying to take possession of the Company’s funds or property.
  4. Disseminate unsubstantiated or unverified information about the Company or other Customers that may adversely affect the good name and reputation of the Company or Customers.
  5. Use the funds earned in the Company for illegal financing.
  6. Use money obtained illegally in the investment process.
  7. Use spam or other methods of illegalpromotion of affiliate links, including posing as an employee of the company.
  8. To prevent the site from running smoothly. Interfere with the integrity of systems and databases through software or hardware.

The company has the right to take the following action

  1. Make changes to these Terms by notifying participants.
  2. Suspend the Site for planned, unscheduled technical work, updates and other activities aimed at improving the site’s user and informational properties.
  3. Make changes to any section of the Site without prior warning.
  4. Block a Customer account that does not comply with these Terms.
  5. Suspend the provision of services for the duration of force majeure in the territory of the Client’s residence or in the territory of the Company.
  6. Send to the Customer the email specified by him (Customer) at registration, news, alerts, notifications and other information blocks of a commercial, technical, advertising and advertising nature.
  7. Do not provide third parties with information about Customer data, regardless of the reason for requesting such information.
  8. Provide technical support to the Client regardless of the client’s status and/or personal account.
  9. Suspend online support for regulatory or technical work.

6. Company’s Rules for the Use and Delivery of Services

  1. Services will be provided throughout the client’s investment period.
  2. The Company’s investment proposals are provided on an indefinite basis.
  3. Clients allowed to create withdrawal requests after profile approved. Process of approving profile is described in p. 8
  4. The Company undertakes to make interest and partnership payments within 72 hours of receiving the payment request.
  5. All disputes and disagreements that may (but are not obligated) to arise between the Client and the Company are resolved only through the negotiation process, without the involvement of third parties, both interested and non-interested parties.

7. Other provisions

The system of payment of fines for violation of the rules:

  • Creating a multi-account – $500.
    The invalidity of part or paragraph (subparagraph) of this agreement does not invalidate all other parts and paragraphs (sub-paragraphs).
    By registering and being on the given site, the Participant acknowledges that he has read, understood and fully accepted the terms of this Agreement, as well as the Company’s rules and other official Documents of the Company.
    The agreement takes effect from the moment the Member is registered in the Project.
  • Early closing of the Deposit and termination of the contract is paid by the Investor in favor of the Project in the amount of $2,000 only. $10,000 for investors with deposits.
  • Risk agreement.
    The participant should understand that any investment activity involves risk and investment in the company https://unitrade.enterprises/ is no exception.
    The company’s results and performance so far do not affect or guarantee future profitability.
    The service management is not responsible for possible hacker attacks on accounts. To avoid hacking into your account, it is recommended to make complex passwords, in any case not to pass them on to strangers, as well as any personal data.
    Investment rental activity (registration of any investment product on the https://unitrade.enterprises/website) is a voluntary act, the risks of which are fully understood, are fully understood by the investor and taken into account.

8. Profile Verification Process

  1. To begin the verification process, the client must fill in the required fields:
    • name,
    • last name,
    • country,
    • city
  2. It is also necessary that one of the fields be completed:
    • phone,
    • facebook,
    • skype,
    • telegram,
    • vk.
  3. If the information is correctly filled, then you must contact support asking to verify your account.